Temple Cone


"The Birdcatcher"


"The Blessed Uht"

"Burning Sappho"

"The Candied Body of Felix Gonzales-Torres"

"A Closer Absence"

"A Conjecture Leading to a Psalm"

"Epithalamion with Charles Mingus's Black Saint and the Sinner Lady Playing Through It"

"Fear and Trembling"

"A Filament of Proof"

"flies wait it out" (Henderson Haiku Award winner)

"From the Silence of Many Trees"

"The Gospel Beasts"

Haiku in The Living Haiku Anthology

"The Handgun Rules"

"The Hawk You See May Be Your Own"


"How It Began: Eurydice"

"However You Cut a Lime, a Star Appears"

"In Passing"


"The Lyre"

"Middle West"

"Monet / Manet"

"Of Crows"


"The Prodigal"


"A Rabble of Butterflies"

"Rembrandt's Lion"

"The Rest of Silence"

"Scalp Song"

"The Seed of Many Trees"

"The Soldiers"

"Some Folks Still Live By Myth"

"Some Questions About the Soul"


"Speak and Be Done"

"Spook Distance"


"The Way to Cold Mountain"

"What the Classics Teach"

"The World Before Adam Named It"


Odds & Ends

Rilke composed his Sonnets

to Orpheus in two months

after finishing the great Elegies,

ten years in the making.


So we labor at grief,

drawing constellations from chaos,

and when we pause, gracious

starlight comes unbidden.

From "A Father's Story"